CMS Releases Market Saturation and Utilization Data Tool

July 28, 2017

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has unveiled a data tool that features interactive maps for market saturation and utilization of several health care services, including skilled nursing facilities, hospices and long-term care hospitals, at the national, state and county level.

The Market Saturation and Utilization Data Tool was developed for use by providers to help analyze their service locations and the service utilization rates of Medicare beneficiaries.

CMS uses the data tool's market saturation and healthcare service utilization information as one means of rooting out fraud and waste in the Medicare program.

With the tool, you are able to seeing the number of providers in the state, number of users, number of fee-for service beneficiaries along with the average number of users per provider.

For 2015-2016 the data shows that California, Texas, Florida, and New York have the highest number of Fee-for-Service beneficiaries. While, California and Florida were the top states with “extreme values” of SNF users, at 135,933 and 130,558. States with the highest number of providers include California, Texas and Ohio.

Click here to view the tool.