Wayne Leads the Way, Walking in Footsteps of Visionary

August 11, 2017


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To someone who has a passion for and visionary ideas about education, receiving an award named for a pioneering educator is a high honor. Just ask Matt Wayne, MD, CMD, who received the 2017 James Pattee Award for Excellence in Education. “It was a tremendous honor. What made it especially meaningful was that I knew Dr. Pattee, the founding father of our Core Curriculum,” says Dr. Wayne. “He created such a strong foundation for the Certified Medical Director program, and he was so passionate about education. To know him and to be recognized in that light was amazing.” The Foundation is now accepting nominations for the 2018 Pattee Award.

Dr. Wayne didn’t just know Dr. Pattee. He followed in his footsteps when he and others worked to create the Competencies Curriculum for the practice of post-acute and long-term care (PA/LTC) medicine. This was developed to support PA/LTC competencies, those skills/abilities practitioners need to be successful in this setting, and disseminate education on necessary cornerstones of knowledge—all so that attending physicians practicing in this setting can effectively provide quality care. “We wanted to marry competency work to medical director work and mirror what Dr. Pattee did with the CMD Core Curriculum,” says Dr. Wayne.

Dr. Pattee’s visionary work was inspiring, and it has inspired leaders such as Dr. Wayne. He says of the Competencies Curriculum, “We have moved from fee-for-service to value-based care. Our patients are so complex and frail, and they account for a great deal of health care spending. This curriculum is designed to improve care and outcomes, reduce costs, and eliminate waste.” He stresses that the practice of PA/LTC medicine requires knowledge and skills drawn from various specialties including internal, family, hospital, and rehabilitation medicine, geriatrics, psychiatry, and palliative care. “While necessary for effective practice, none of these discipline-specific competencies are alone sufficient to describe the full range of PA/LTC competencies,” he says.

Dr. Wayne is proud of all of his work with the Society, including serving as President. However, receiving the Pattee Award is a special honor. “The award had a huge impact on me. My family was there, which was important to me; and some of my colleagues were in attendance. It was wonderful to have them all there to be a part of this. It made me proud.” He adds, “Any recognition is nice, but getting it from colleagues is one step above.” As for his family, he says, they were able to see that his missed dinners and weekends away from home made a difference in the lives of elders and others nationwide; and they are proud of his role in that. “When I found out about the award, the first thing I did was make sure they could be in Phoenix with me,” he recalls.

Taking a few minutes to nominate a colleague is time well spent, Dr. Wayne says. “Honoring innovators is an important validation of their work. It acknowledges that it is difficult but significant to do something different. And it helps people understand why change is important.” He adds, “We don’t wake up wanting to be recognized, but we so appreciate that recognition when it comes our way. At work, I try to acknowledge if someone is doing something well, because our work is tough. It’s so important to express our appreciation. It can help get someone through the day or even inspire them to do something great. You never know they impact you can help by honoring a colleague.”

Each year, the James Pattee Award for Excellence in Education honors an individual for his/her significant contributions to the educational goals of the Society, as well as to advance education specific to PA/LTC practice, and to promote Society leadership via educational endeavors within the PA/LTC continuum. Now is your turn to recognize a mentor, friend, or colleague. For more information on the award or to submit a nomination, click here

The Foundation is also accepting nominations for the William Dodd Founder’s Award and the Medical Director of the Year. Visit the Foundation website for information about those awards, and watch Weekly Round-Up for interviews with 2017 honorees.