Since 2018, AMDA's Shark Tank Competitions have highlighted how innovators are tackling PALTC issues. This competition features innovation in the PALTC setting by showcasing new systems, devices, and technology with the goal to improve PALTC processes and outcomes. Check out the winners of the 2018 and 2019 competitions.


Judges’ Choice:

RAIVEN Healthcare

RAIVEN is developing a socially assistive robotic (SAR) platform designed for the elderly that can collect therapeutically-meaningful information to predict changes in health status before they occur, with an emphasis on Alzheimer's Disease. This platform can be used to develop artificial intelligence (AI) data analytics tools for monitoring and care to support clinicians and caregivers. Our solution is proposed to cost 25% of current SAR platforms while providing advanced AI analytics. Customers in the post-acute and long-term care settings will appreciate the technology as it will relieve stress and cost of caregiving while helping them to better monitor the mental health of their patients.

Learn more by visiting RAIVEN Healthcare’s website:


Audience Choice:


WoundWiseIQ is a patented, FDA-registered mobile product leveraging imaging analytics to help health care professionals more effectively heal chronic wounds. With the snap of a photo from a mobile device, WoundwiseIQ rapidly and consistently provides data and images highlighting wound healing progress. This automatic documentation speeds up point of care processes and captures required compliance information. Since data is accessible from any location, WoundWiseIQ makes chronic wound telehealth and communications between remote doctors and nurses a possibility for you today!

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Honorable Mention:

Abely is a startup company committed to providing intelligent solutions to promote independent living. Its flagship product, the LiftMeUp recliner, is a unique mobility solution that recently won the Silver Award in the New Product Pavilion at the Medtrade Show, the largest home medical equipment show in the US.

The LiftMeUp recliner is a motorized device that instantly transforms ANY bed into an electric bed, offering comfort and assistance at the touch of a button but for a fraction of the cost of an electric bed. It allows its user to easily transition between a horizontal and a full sitting position, to sleep at an incline, to elevate the legs, and to recline comfortably. The LiftMeUp keeps the users in their own bed, next to their spouse, addressing the dignity issue that hospital beds deprive them from. It is easy to install - no tools required - and it is portable so ANY bed can be made adjustable, even a hotel bed!

The LiftMeUp has proven to be very helpful to patients recovering at home from surgery, to anyone needing to sleep at an incline, and to caregivers to avoid the risk of injuries. The LiftMeUp recliner is available for sale and for rent.

Learn more by visiting Abely's website:


Honorable Mention:


Canopy builds digital tools to help people talk about, make, and share their end-of-life healthcare decisions. Our web application provides education on advance care planning and guides users through clarifying their healthcare wishes. Via the app, individuals can then digitally create, sign, and share their legal documentation with loved ones and medical providers. Health institutions can use Canopy to scale and manage the advance care planning process for members and residents - responding to the demand for actionable information and a process that keeps individuals at the forefront of their care. At Canopy, we’re committed to helping people from all walks of life navigate their healthcare journey.

For a demo or to learn more, visit Canopy at: