AMDA Applauds Support of ACP Code from CMS

July 8, 2015
Perry Gwen Meyers,

Columbia, MD – AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine (AMDA) applauds the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for their support for Medicare reimbursement of advance care planning (ACP) services. Their support will provide the opportunity for patients to have important conversations regarding goals and preferences of care. AMDA is one of 66 medical, patient, and consumer organizations who support Medicare reimbursement of ACP services.

ACP is a necessary and important part of providing quality post-acute and long-term care as the majority of the patient population lives with multiple chronic conditions and/or is near the end of life. Published, peer-reviewed research shows that ACP is among the most significant factors leading to better person-centered care, higher patient and family satisfaction, fewer inappropriate hospitalizations, and lower rates of caregiver distress, depression, and lost productivity. Consultations on care preferences are voluntary on the part of the patient and not only help practitioners provide care that patients wish for, but can also lift a heavy burden from family members and other caregivers who must make difficult decisions during a very trying time.

Additional resources for ACP will not only promote these services for beneficiaries, but also allow CMS to track how these services are being furnished, as well as assess their impact on the quality of life and effectiveness of care.

AMDA has long supported excellence in patient-centered care and believes that providing additional resources for ACP will fulfill beneficiaries desire to have important discussions with their clinicians about their specific goals of care. ACP is an important and hitherto missing piece of the puzzle in continuing to raise the quality of post-acute and long-term care provided to a frail and vulnerable population.

“We are proud to support these vital advance care planning services,” says AMDA President Naushira Pandya, MD, CMD. “Post-acute and long-term care practitioners provide quality and thoughtful care and family members and friends of very ill patients will receive greater peace of mind that the care their loved ones receive is based on adequate medical information, collaborative goal setting, as well as respect for personal wishes and values in order to maximize comfort and quality of life.” 


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