Pressure Ulcers and Other Wounds Pocket Guide (Set of 5)

A quick reference guide for healthcare practitioners and providers gives recommendations from the AMDA Pressure Ulcers & Other Wound Clinical Practice Guideline to assist the clinician in healthcare decisions for different skin issues. Surveyor Guidance for risk factors in developing pressure ulcers will assist facilities in their care of patients with pressure ulcers. Pressure Ulcer staging for MDS and National Pressure Ulcer Advisory Panel (NPUAP) definitions are included. The Pressure Ulcers and Other Wounds Pocket Guide is sold in sets of 5, or with the Pressure Ulcers and Other Wounds CPG

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*The Electronic Copy is in FlipHTML5 format, and is viewable from your PC, tablet and smartphone through your AMDA account.  The Electronic Copy is not downloadable or printable.