An Approach to Implementing and Evaluating Rehabilitation in PALTC for Fall, Fracture and Functional Decline Prevention

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Caitlin McArthur, PT, PhD Candidate; Charlene Chu, RN, GNC(c), PhD Candidate; Natalie Leland, PhD, OTR/L; Alexandra Papaioannou, MD

Rehabilitation, including physical and occupational therapy and restorative nursing, is an interdisciplinary component of PALTC. While rehabilitation can improve mobility and prevent functional decline, sub-optimal implementation and evaluation of best practice interventions to promote physical activity and prevent falls and fractures has been reported PALTC, especially for residents with cognitive impairment who are at greater risk of functional decline. Further, the use of quality indicators to evaluate rehabilitation has not been adequately explored though they can be used for many purposes including to guide clinical decision making, evaluate treatment effectiveness, benchmark reporting to stakeholders, and implement guideline recommendations. Recommendations to prevent falls and fractures, and definitions of effective rehabilitation practices to engage residents in physical activity need to be examined in order to optimize functional ability and quality of life. Additionally, an understanding of the outcomes that have been used in PALTC and how they can be used to evaluate rehabilitation practices is necessary to guide future evaluation methods. This session will be divided into four lectures. The first lecture will present the results of a person-centered approach to physical activity to maintain functional mobility, activities of daily living, and quality of life for newly admitted residents with dementia. The second lecture will discuss the delivery and documentation of stakeholder driven best practices for fall prevention in post-acute care. The third lecture will use a case-based approach to discuss and apply recommendations for fracture prevention and a new fracture risk assessment tool. The final lecture will examine the use of quality indicators for evaluating rehabilitation in LTC.