Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics in Alberta Canada: A Successful Province-Wide Quality Improvement Initiative

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Douglas Faulder, MD; Mollie Cole, RN, MSN

This session will describe a provincial quality improvement initiative undertaken in Alberta, Canada aimed at supporting care teams in 170 LTC homes to implement a guideline on the appropriate use of antipsychotic medications and to implement non-pharmacologic approaches to care of those with behaviors associated with dementia. The key performance indicator for the initiative was the RAI-MDS 2.0 Quality Indicator for the Appropriate Use of Antipsychotics. In 2012, the provincial average on this indicator was 26.8%. By Q4 2014-15 the provincial average had decreased to 21.1%. The key intervention to achieve this success was intentional monthly antipsychotic medication reviews and care planning to enhance the use of non-pharmacologic approaches, and engaging front-line teams in Innovation Collaboratives. A comprehensive plan to ensure sustainability of the achievements has been accepted by key stakeholders at the unit, home, organization and provincial levels. Plans to move this approach to other sectors of the continuum are underway.

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