Connecting Nursing Facilities and Other Post-Acute Care Providers to Electronic Health Information Exchange

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Terrence O'Malley, MD, CMD William Russell, MD

If you could access essential health information electronically from any participating site of care, send and receive standard documents for consultation, evaluation in the emergency department (ED), and transfer to a patient-centered medical home (PCMH) or Home Health Agency (HHA), you would be using the new tools of electronic health information exchange (HIE). This session will discuss the building blocks for HIE including available networks, standardized vocabulary and document types, and software that permits low cost access to and from the information highway. These components can be recombined to support the exchange of longitudinal care plans, standardized documents for requests for admission screening, pre transfer planning, transfer checklists, transfer of care, and automatic messaging when your patient leaves the hospital, arrives in your facility, arrives in the ED, or after your skilled nursing facility nurse writes a change of status SBAR (Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation). This is the beginning of new ways to connect and of yet to be imagined ways to make our work better, safer and more efficient.

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