Dementia, Diversity, and Senior Sextivities: Negotiating the Challenges of Sexual Expression in LTC

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Patricia Bach, PsyD, MS, RN; Alan Horowitz, JD, RN; Denise Rettenmaier, DO

Intimacy and sexuality are normal components of adult functioning and do not necessarily decline simply due to advancing age or living situation, but can be adversely impacted legally, clinically, and ethically by the presence of a dementing illness. In light of a variety of issues, the time has come to more closely address the topic of sexual expression among both heterosexual and LGBT residents, as well as the challenges faced by providers and facilities in balancing residents' rights with residents' safety. Accordingly, this multi-modal session is designed to provide a supportive forum for discussion, informed by legal, ethical, and clinical content, as well as actual case-based vignettes. Time permitting, a role play may also be used to assist attendees in better addressing issues of sexual expression in their PALTC practice.