The Dementia Factor in Reducing Hospital Admissions and 30-Day Readmissions

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James E. Lett, II, MD, CMD (Moderator); Ken Boockvar, MS, MD, CMD; Robert Burke, MD; H. Edward Davidson, PharmD, MPH; Kenneth Donovan, MD; James Galvin, MD; Cari Levy, MD, PhD, CMD; Wayne Saltsman, MD, PhD, CMD

This session is based upon the White Paper being prepared by the AMDA Transitions of Care Committee on the role of dementia in increasing unnecessary hospital re-admissions and poorer outcomes for those residents. The role of the skilled nursing facility (SNF) in reducing those unnecessary hospital transfers will be discussed; the role of the emergency room in the care of those with dementia; the role of the hospitalist in addressing patients with dementia; and, how to properly prepare the resident/family for the difficult care of the demented resident will be explored. A panel of authors of the paper will discuss the difficulties of the care of the demented and recommendations to measure and improve transitions in this population.

3.5 Clinical