Is The Doctor In? Defining, Measuring and Enhancing Physician Engagement in Skilled Nursing Facilities

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Arif Nazir, MD, CMD Jurgis Karuza, PhD Paul Katz, MD, CMD

With the rising acuity of skilled nursing facility (SNF) patients, the need for closer medical supervision has never been more pronounced. Unfortunately, the incentives for physician involvement have not kept pace with the changing patient acuity and regulations. While emerging evidence has demonstrated an association between physician availability and SNF quality, the concept of Physician Engagement remains elusive. In this session, three experienced SNF experts will use a case-based approach to help define engagement and will focus on available evidence to exhibit its significance. The speakers will also share research to propose a robust and validated tool to measure physician engagement in clinical care and quality improvement (QI) processes in SNFs. Finally, the speakers will lead an interactive discussion to strategize enhancement of physician engagement in SNFs.

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