Making Adverse Events Work For You

Session Year: 
Barbara Resnick, PhD, CRNP Elizabeth Galik, PhD, CRNP

The presentation will provide an innovative approach to using adverse events and the evaluation of them using root cause analysis, to optimize function and physical activity among residents, minimize the risk of delirium through mobilization, and use care strategies that prevent exacerbation of behavioral symptoms to improve clinical outcomes and quality of life of the resident. The presenters will provide an overview of challenges and opportunities in skilled nursing facilities to decrease adverse events, specifically falls, skin trauma, pressure ulcers, and delirium. These include the multiple comorbidities of residents, balancing resident rights and engaging them (i.e., motivate them) in preventive activities, knowledge of staff, resources within settings, and regulatory support and encouragement to prevent and decrease these events. The presenters will also describe a philosophy of care, entitled Function Focused Care, which when implemented into settings can decrease adverse events and optimize function and physical activity among residents without exacerbating behavioral symptoms. Finally, this session will provide challenging resident case examples including residents who are resistant to care, unable to follow more than simple single step commands, or those who refuse to engage in functional or physical activity and demonstrate how to overcome those challenges. Three minute video coaching sessions will be shared as well as addition educational and assessment resources.

1.5 Management