Medication Management Part I - Medication Management Manual: Operations Level

This medication manual provides practitioners and staff in assisted living communities with information and tools to improve medication management and reduce medication errors. It is intended as a guide for best practice. By using the tools in this medication manual, users should be better equipped to:

  • Identify both current and potential medication problems;
  • Improve systems and processes of care related to medication management;
  • Improve systems and processes related to the coordination and delivery of medications;
  • Identify actual and potential adverse drug reactions;
  • Reduce human errors such as illegible handwriting and missing or nonexistent documentation;
  • Enhance staff decision-making skills regarding residents who are incapable of self-administering medications;
  • Conduct and document performance evaluation of caregivers who administer medications or provide assistance with medications; and
  • Reduce medication errors that occur during transitions of care and practitioner visits by using a medication reconciliation form and practitioner order forms.
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