New Models of Interprofessional Geriatrics Care to Prevent Hospitalizations and Rehospitalizations: Utilizing the Texas 1115 Waiver Programs to Enhance Care for Underserved Older Adults

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Janice A. Knebl, DO, MBA; Patricia Connally, DO; Julie Idoine-Fries, MHA

This session will provide an overview of the Texas Medicaid 1115 Waiver Program and how this has afforded opportunities to develop new models of interprofessional geriatrics care for underserved Medicaid and dually eligible populations in Texas. Many other states are currently embarking on similar waiver programs or planning to develop waiver programs. Three models of interprofessional care for older adults have been developed at University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC) and the JPS Health Network specifically designed to improve the care and services for older adults and decrease hospitalizations and rehospitalizations. These programs will assist with the transitions of care that older adults undergo from the community, to the hospital and to long-term care and then back to the community.

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