Quality Prescribing Campaign: Preventing Adverse Drug Events and Collaborating with your Consultant Pharmacist (An ASCP Sponsored Session)

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Sharon Clackum, PharmD, CGP, FASCP

AMDA has launched a Quality Prescribing Campaign in response to CMS's Call to Action: Raising Awareness for Reducing Adverse Events (ADE) in Nursing Homes. This session will focus on raising awareness specifically directed toward adverse drug events around three major groups of medications. One major tenet of AMDA's Quality prescribing campaign relies on teamwork. The active presence and involvement of patients, family members, prescribers, pharmacists, nurses, therapists and others involved in care working together is essential to help people feel better and do more. In the spirit of collaborative teamwork, this session will present tools and tips that address safer use of these drugs, and effective communication and coordination of care. The focus on the three initial targets of the National Action Plan for ADE will be anticoagulants, Diabetes agents, and opioids.

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