Seniors Quality Leap Initiative Pain Management Quality Improvement Project: An Interdisciplinary Approach

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Michele Bellantoni, MD, CMD; Paul Katz, MD, CMD

The Seniors Quality Leap Initiative (SQLI) is a collaborative established in 2011 of 12 long-term care facilities in Canada and the United States with the goals to improve quality of care and patient safety by sharing performance data and specific quality improvement (QI) initiatives. Paul Katz, MD, CMD, will begin the session with an overview of the Seniors Quality Leap Initiative. Michelle Bellantoni, MD, CMD, will present the most recent data on pain from The Report Card of Quality Measures with the facilities de-identified. All members of the collaborative have at least one quality indicator in the bottom 20% of the standard, an opportunity for all to improve quality of care to some extent. She will report on the gap analysis completed at the onset of the QI project: 2/9 facilities lacked policies on pain management, 3/9 had no clinical guidelines, 6/9 excluded nursing assessments from responsibility for pain assessment, 5/9 limited training on pain assessment to orientation, 5/9 excluded goals of care from training in pain management, 7/9 excluded cultural considerations in training, and 3/9 emphasized non-pharmacologic management of pain in staff training. She will also will report on the QI process in which organizational leaders used their data to draft change ideas, process measures, and goals for change. She will report on barriers identified including staff attitudes, limitations resulting from electronic health record software, and the lack of educational tools. She will also describe the strategies employed to overcome these barriers. She will discuss outcome indicators related to effectiveness of change.

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