A Successful Comprehensive Nursing Home Opioid Reduction Strategy

Session Year: 
Jean Storm, DO; Steven Levenson, MD, CMD

In early 2016, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services published a strongly worded report on the problems related to excessive opioid prescribing to try to manage chronic pain. This has led to pressure to reduce the prescribing of opioids, especially for chronic non-cancer pain. However, facilities and practitioners are simultaneously under pressure to manage pain aggressively and effectively. This session will discuss in detail a safe and effective way to minimize the use of opioids while still managing pain, and to use opioids safely and effectively where they are indicated. This includes reducing and ultimately stopping them in individuals who have acute and chronic pain. The session will also emphasize a successful step-by-step approach to managing pain in general and the impact of using fewer opioids on diverse clinical outcomes such as pain measures, falls, and behavior issues. It will discuss how it is possible to improve pain quality measures while still minimizing opioid use.