The #thickenedliquidchallenge and How to Best Work with Your Speech Therapist to Optimize Quality of Life and Quality of Care

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Lindsey Neal, MD, CMD; Kevin Grunden, MS, CCC-SLP

The #thickenedliquidchallenge emerged this Spring on social media, initiated by the GeriPal blog to raise awareness for patients who have swallowing difficulties. We challenge you to come to this session and take the #thickenedliquidchallenge and then stay to learn about dysphagia. From a speech therapist and medical director perspective, presenters will cover details of the swallowing mechanism, when and why to order imaging studies, potential treatments and complications of aspiration. Attendees will leave with specific, practical strategies and phrases to use when discussing complex ethical dilemmas surrounding swallowing disorders in the PALTC regulatory environment. Bring a few ounces of your choice of drink (or two) for your challenge!

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