Wound Care for the Post-Acute Care Clinician

Session Year: 
Scott Bolhack, MD, MBA, CMD; Jeffrey Levine, MD, CMD; Shark Bird, MD, CMD; Paul Takahashi, MD, CMD; Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD

This session is a half-day seminar on wound care in the post-acute care continuum. Experts in wound care will present a complete range of topics in wound care with attention to the clinical importance of the anatomy of the skin in understanding wound care principles; a review of multiple types of wounds that the clinician will encounter (pressure, venous stasis, diabetic neuropathic, arterial, skin tears, traumatic, infectious, surgical and atypical): their identification, treatment and prevention; a review of wound care dressings, procedures, and therapies including nutritional aspects of care; and an overview of quality measures, improvement processes, documentation and how that relates to medical-legal aspects of the care of wounds. By the end of the session, the participant will have gained an appreciation of the scope of the wound care specialty.