The 2020 MIPS Self-Nomination Period is Now Open

July 3, 2019
Policy Snapshot

As of July 1, 2019, the 2020 Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS) Self-Nomination Period for Qualified Clinical Data Registries (QCDRs) and Qualified Registries is now open. Qualified Registries and QCDRs are Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-approved vendors that collect clinical data on behalf of clinicians for data submission. Please note that eligible clinicians wishing to report for the 2020 MIPS performance period via the Qualified Registry or QCDR reporting mechanism do NOT need to self-nominate. Only entities wishing to participate (and who meet the requirements) as a Qualified Registry and/or a QCDR need to complete the self-nomination form.

To complete the self-nomination form, please navigate to the Quality Payment Program (QPP) portal Self-Nomination tool by logging in at You’ll need to ensure a member of your organization has a QPP account. There are two self-nomination form types available to Qualified Registries and QCDRs: the 2020 Self-Nomination Form, which should be completed by new vendors or existing-approved vendors who have had remedial action taken against them; and the 2020 Simplified Self-Nomination Form, which is only available to existing approved QCDRs and Qualified Registries in good program standing.

For More Information

Visit the Quality Payment Program Resource Library to download the 2020 Self-Nomination Toolkit for QCDRs & Qualified Registries and learn more about the QCDR and Qualified Registry self-nomination process for vendors. If you need help creating or accessing your QPP account, download the QPP Access User Guide for more information.


Please direct any questions related to the self-nomination process and requirements to the Quality Payment Program: