HCP LAN Issues Alternative Payment Model Roadmap

April 4, 2019
Policy Snapshot

This week, the Healthcare Payment Learning and Action Network (HCP LAN) announced that the Roadmap for Driving High Performance in Alternative Payment Models is now live and available for use. This roadmap lets you explore this interactive, web-based tool, which is full of promising practices and strategies to help payers, providers, and others accelerate the design and implementation of successful Alternative Payment Models (APMs).  

You can view the  roadmap by following this link.

The HCP LAN is a public-private partnership established to accelerate transition in the health care system from a fee-for-service (FFS) payment model to ones that pays providers for quality care, improved health, and lower costs.

The goal is to link health care payments to quality and value in both the public and private sectors through the increased adoption of APMs. The LAN pursues this goal by disseminating and diffusing knowledge and best practices for designing and implementing APMs, including practices specifically aimed at alignment of technical APM components across multiple payers.

The Society has participated with the LAN for several years and welcomes the introduction of these important tools.