The Next Generation of PALTC Providers

"Attending this conference was like the “glue” I needed to piece together areas in which I can care for my residents even better."
Jamyl N. Walker MSN, APRN, AGNP-C

The Futures Class of 2016 was a melting pot of young and mid-career practitioners, physicians, and advanced nurse practitioners. This year’s program hosted 69 participants from across the country and from different sizes and types of programs and practice settings. But they all shared great passion for their work, confidence about the future, and optimism about what they hope to accomplish.

Said participant and geriatric nurse practitioner Jamyl N. Walker MSN, APRN, AGNP-C, “Finishing my first year as an adult-geriatric nurse practitioner, there were many learning curves transitioning from the inpatient to outpatient setting and as my role changed to directing care for residents. Attending this conference was like the “glue” I needed to piece together areas in which I can care for my residents even better. Enhancing quality, resident-centered care continues to be my mission and was a common theme during the conference.”

Overwhelmingly, 92% of participants indicated that the Futures Program provided them with enough information to make an informed decision about their place in post-acute and long-term care. At least one practitioner imagined a new focus for herself after attending the Futures program and Society Annual Conference. Brette Winston said, “The way palliative care was presented in some of the sessions really broadened my perspective about the importance of helping people feel good no matter where they are and what their prognosis is. I left thinking that I would like to be a palliative nurse—that’s how powerful the presentation was.” Ms. Winston, a nurse practitioner, also commented on the camaraderie. , “Everyone was welcoming and glad to see me. They introduced themselves with their first names, not as Doctor so and so.” She added, “They appreciated my input and perspective.”

In addition to program chairs Heidi White, MD, MHS, MEd, CMD, and Cari Levy, MD, PhD, CMD, participants heard from veteran practitioners about specialized careers in research and other areas. They learned about nursing home regulations, risk management, quality improvement including falls prevention, and clinical leadership and teamwork.

Everyone came with high hopes and a hunger to learn more about post-acute and long-term care; most returned home with more information, knowledge, tools, clinical pearls, and best practices than they could have hoped for, as evident from their comments:

• “Fantastic. What a privilege to be part of this. I think whether or not I ultimately have a NH practice, the information here has been excellent just as a geriatrician ready to take on the world. Although now I want to be involved in LTC more than before.”

• “I am impressed at how eager the speakers are to share their knowledge.”

• “Everyone has been warm and welcoming, making it feel easy to come here alone.”

Once again the Futures Program would not be possible without support from grassroots support from our members, and AMDA state chapters. This year, 38 residency and fellowship program directors provided support for attendance to the program held in Orlando.