ADVault and AMDA - The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine™

have partnered to offer the AMDA ACP Toolkit to providers utilizing

ADVault's Facilitated Advance Care Planning Collaborate™ solution.


"In the setting of post-acute and long-term care, practitioners often find patients with advanced illnesses without any care directives. It is extremely difficult to engage patients who are very ill or cognitively challenged, and their families who are struggling to cope with the prospect of losing their loved ones, in last-minute discussions about life-altering decisions. AMDA clinical leadership reviewed ADVault, and we like the simplicity of setup and the comprehensive, detail-oriented nature of care plans with real-time updates to care choices. Incorporating AMDA's widely-acclaimed clinical content into ADVault's digital platform makes a good product great."

- Rajeev Kumar, MD, CMD, FACP, Chief Medical Officer of Symbria.



Both products provide:

Interactive dashboards that present detailed ACP activity, provide an audit trail and tracking of time spent rendering ACP services, optional practitioner review of the ACP documents, and reporting to support up-to-date management of ACP activity.

Ability to view, print, download to PDF or CCDA, record an optional practitioner review, and provide feedback and confirmation of the ACP alignment with resident's stated goals enables utilization when integration with existing technology isn't feasible or timely.

Semantic interoperability with EMR applications, as well as the ability to reside alongside existing applications, ensures frictionless implementation.




ADVault's Facilitated Advance Care Planning Collaborate™ solution.