Join Society members in supporting important issues affecting post-acute and long-term care patients and professionals.

Ask Congress to Advert Medicare Provider Payment Cuts

Late last year, Medicare providers successfully persuade Congress to delay a “perfect storm” of Medicare payment cuts that, if enacted, would have severely impeded patient access to care. Unfortunately, if Congress does not act by the end of this year, these delayed cuts, and some new ones, will take effect in 2023 and cause serious disruption to physician and clinical provider practices. It's clear that Congress must work with the provider community to develop long-term solutions to the systemic problems with the Medicare physician payment system and preserve patient access by passing the H.R. 8800 the Supporting Medicare Providers Act legislation.

Support the Nursing Home Disclosure Act

The bipartisan bill will require nursing homes to report their medical directors to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which must publish this information on the online Care Compare tool. Currently, some nursing homes do not provide a full public report of who their medical directors are, leaving families without critical information they need as they search for quality nursing homes.

Support Observation Status Legislation

Ask Congress to Support the Improving Access to Medicare Coverage Act! The bill counts all time spent in observation in the hospital to count toward the Medicare required 3-day inpatient stay to quality for skilled nursing care.

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