Stanley Holt / Head of Operations


Aiva is the voice operating system for better care throughout the patient journey. We reduce response times and improve satisfaction for both patients and caregivers.

Being laid up in a post-acute facility can be extremely frustrating. You sit for hours with nothing to do and no control over your experience. The only connection to your care team is a button attached to your bed — technology that hasn’t changed in 100 years! You press it and then wait & wonder how long before someone will respond. Meanwhile, your request goes bouncing over antiquated systems to incredibly busy staff, who get very little context about what you need and have no way to manage their responses.

With Aiva, patients simply say what they need (e.g., food, bathroom visit, pain meds) and Aiva's AI routes their request to the mobile app of the most appropriate caregiver (kitchen, CNA, RN). The caregiver gets much more context, and they use the app to send back an immediate voice response and manage their requests. Nurses and other staff only receive messages meant for them, so they get to do the jobs they're meant to do. Patients also enjoy hands-free access to music, news, games and room controls. Administrators enjoy improved efficiency, performance reporting and centralized IoT management.


To see Aiva in action in an assisted living community, please check out this video from one of our clients: Aiva