The Geriatric Journal Club holds monthly 30-minute meetings that you can participate in from anywhere.

Colorado Journal Club

Florida Journal Club

October 3 Meeting Recording

Antipsychotics for Delirium

with Sing Palat, MD, CMD

Candida Auris

with Fred Feinsod, MD, CMD

November 21 Meeting Recording | Coming Soon!

Revisiting Sepsis

with Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD

December 5 / Q&A

Antibiotic stewardship

with Gregory Gahm, MD

November 7 Meeting Recording

Antibiotic stewardship

with Clay Watson, MD, and Travis Neill, PA-C, MMS

September 5 Meeting Recording

Thyroid Testing and Treatment

with Gregory Gahm, MD

August 1 Meeting Recording

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

with Eric Yeager, MD, and Travis Neill, PA-C, MMS

June 6 Meeting Recording

Serotonin Risk

with Lee Anneberg, MD, CMD

Use of Statin in LTC

with Bruce Smith, MD, and Gregory Gahm, MD