Colorado Geriatric Journal Club

The Colorado Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine is organized
for the benefit of and to provide support and education of medical directors,
providers, nursing home administrators and directors of nursing concerning the
provision of long term care.

FMDA’s Journal Club 

The club critically analyzes published PALTC literature using evidence-based
medicine principles: patient preferences, clinician expertise, and scientific
findings each weighted equally.
We quickly review two to three papers and present highlights and take-aways
in a concise, high-yield manner. 

COVID-19: Advance Care Planning

This session, hosted by Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD,

will feature a panel discussion with Leonard Hock Jr., DO, MACOI, CMD

Maria Gonzalez, MD, FAAFP, CMD

Naushira Pandya, MD, CMD, FACP


                Here’s the registration link:

If you have trouble joining, email Shane Bellotti

    Colorado Journal Club

     Florida Journal Club

October 3 Meeting Recording

Antipsychotics for Delirium

with Sing Palat, MD, CMD

Candida Auris

with Fred Feinsod, MD, CMD

April 16 Meeting Recording (Part 3)

Treating COVID-19+ Patients in Place in PA/LTC:  Facility Readiness

Presenters: Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD; Swati Gaur, MD, MBA, CMD, AGSF

1. Cohorting Patients

2. Reducing Transmission

3. Safely Using and Conserving PPE

December 5 / Q&A

Antibiotic stewardship

with Gregory Gahm, MD

April 8 Meeting Recording (Part Two)

The Opportunities and Challenges of Treating
COVID-19 Positive PALTC Residents in Place

Pharmaceutical Management

Presenters: Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD

Rick Foley, PharmD, CPh, BCGP, FASCP

November 7 Meeting Recording

Antibiotic stewardship

with Clay Watson, MD, and Travis Neill, PA-C, MMS

April 1 Meeting Recording (Part One)

The Opportunities and Challenges of Treating
COVID-19 Positive PALTC Residents in Place

with Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD

September 5 Meeting Recording

Thyroid Testing and Treatment

with Gregory Gahm, MD

March 25 Meeting Recording

COVID-19 Update 

Moderator: Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO

August 1 Meeting Recording

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease

with Eric Yeager, MD, and Travis Neill, PA-C, MMS

January 22 Meeting Recording


Moderator: Marianne Novelli, MD, FACP, FHM

June 6 Meeting Recording

Serotonin Risk

with Lee Anneberg, MD, CMD

Use of Statin in LTC

with Bruce Smith, MD, and Gregory Gahm, MD

November 21 Meeting Recording

Revisiting Sepsis

with Diane Sanders-Cepeda, DO, CMD