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May 31, 2024

Episode: May 2024

Host: Karl Steinberg, MD, HMDC, CMD

Guest(s): Geoffrey Gusoff, MD, MBA, MS; Stina Ek, PhD; Paul Katz, MD, CMD (co-editor-in-chief)

In This Episode:

In this episode, host Karl Steinberg, MD, CMD, and co-editor-in-chief Paul Katz, MD, CMD, will discuss three articles from the May issue. First, they will talk with first author Geoffrey Gusoff, MD, MBA, MS, about a study on enhancing the workforce via improving home care workers’ voices. Next, they will talk with Stina Ek, PhD, the lead author of an article about physical resilience and its impact on recovery post-hip fracture. Finally, co-editor-in-chief Paul Katz, MD, CMD, will review a study examining antibiotic prescribing patterns for UTIs and pneumonia in nursing homes based on prescriber type and specialty.

Articles Referenced:

Having a Say in Patient Care: Factors Associated with High and Low Voice among Home Care Workers

Characterizing the Individuals Who Regain or Maintain Walking Ability after a Hip Fracture: Insights Into Physical Resilience 

Antibiotic Prescribing Patterns for Urinary Tract Infections and Pneumonia by Prescriber Type and Specialty in Nursing Home Care, 2016–2018 

Date Recorded: May 29, 2024

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