Annual Cowles, Morley, and Gladstone Media and Authorship Awards Presented During PALTC23

March 15, 2023

March 15, 2023
Contact: Ellen Mullally

AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care (PALTC) Medicine presented three awards recognizing excellence in PALTC media and writing during its PALTC23 Annual Conference in Tampa, FL. Alan Horowitz, JD, RN, was the recipient of the Carey Cowles Award. Jacqueline K. Yuen, MD, of the Division of Geriatrics at the University of Hong Kong, received the JAMDA Morley Award. And the members of the Drive to Deprescribe Work Group—Arif Nazir, MD, CMD; Sabine von Preyss-Friedman, MD, FACP, CMD; Michael Cinque, RPharmD; and Jennifer Pruskowski, PharmD, BCPS, CGP—are the beneficiaries of the John Gladstone Award for Media Excellence.

The Cowles Award recognizes the author of the most read/downloaded Caring for the Ages article of the year and was established in memory of Carey Cowles, Caring’s managing editor for four years, who passed away in 2018. Mr. Horowitz was recognized for his article, “The Long and Winding Road: Life Care Center–Kirkland’s Journey for Justice.” Read more here.

The AMDA Morley Award recognizes the article published over the previous year considered to be most impactful in terms of relevance for practice and policy in post-acute and long-term care. It is named after John E. Morley, MB, MCh, who served as editor of JAMDA from 2006 to 2017. Dr. Yuen and colleagues were acknowledged for the paper, “Reduced Pneumonia Risk in Advanced Dementia Patients on Careful Hand Feeding Compared With Nasogastric Tube Feeding.”

AMDA’s Board of Directors established the John Gladstone Award for Media Excellence to recognize and honor significant contributions to the PALTC clinical community in the form of a media project. Mr. Gladstone was AMDA’s website administrator until his death in 2022. AMDA launched Drive to Deprescribe – Optimizing Medication Use in PALTC in May of 2021, to address polypharmacy among nursing home residents. Some 1,600 nursing homes participated in monthly D2D calls, which will continue quarterly through 2023. Learn more here.




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