Micronutrient levels linked to how healthfully we age

September 3, 2019

CINCINNATI (WKRC) - The secret to eternal youth might be inside your favorite fall choices at the farmer's market.There are three nutrients we all need to stay forever young. A new study just released followed adults and found a few nutrients commonly found in foods might also hold the secret to keeping us from aging from the inside out. MONA Dermatology in Kenwood shared a few you might want to feed your face.

Ask dermatologist Dr. Mona Foad what's popular these days when it comes to keeping the face and the body forever young, and she'll tell you many want to look natural.

"They don't want to look like they've had work done," said Dr. Foad.

She has plenty of products she recommends topically because, when it comes to what you can do on the outside to maintain a youthful appearance, Dr. Foad says skincare is probably No. 1.

"I think skincare is something that you can do at home. It's like when you work out and eat right, it's the same kind of thing, so you can come in and do all kinds of procedures, but if you don't do the skincare component, then you're kind of missing a big part of it," she said.

She's right, but eating right is one other part of staying forever young. A new study in the Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine now shows three micronutrients are now linked to how healthy we stay long-term.