Senior Living Providers Have Opportunity to Expand Behavioral Health Services

May 16, 2019

Overall, the need for more mental and behavioral services in senior living is great, according to Dr. Rajeev Kumar, who works as chief medical officer for Symbria, a therapy, rehab and pharmacy services company that works with around 150 post-acute and long-term care providers across the U.S. Kumar is also a board member and secretary of AMDA – The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine.

“Because of the high prevalence of cognitive and psychological illnesses among this population as the residents age in place, the senior living industry is constantly trying to catch up,” Kumar told SHN.

While most of Symbria’s clients care for residents living with behavioral or mental health conditions, there are not many that have programs which exclusively cater to those residents, Kumar said.

“This [Crossings] program definitely is unique,” Kumar said. “While there are similar models elsewhere in the senior living landscape, this is by no means a common theme.”