Signature Healthcare LLC will require employees, residents and visitors to get or prove they have received a flu shot.

August 30, 2019

Louisville-based long-term-care facility operator Signature Healthcare LLC has issued an all encompassing mandate for flu vaccines heading into the 2019-20 flu season.

The company is mandating that all employees and facility residents get a flu vaccine as a preventative measure against the season, according to a news release. It's offering these at no cost.

That's a common mandate often seen in acute care hospitals — but there's a wrinkle. Anyone visiting a facility, such as resident's visitors, vendors or volunteers also must show proof that they got a flu vaccine or be required to wear a mask in patient and resident areas.

"Though there are health issues and co-morbidities among our residents that are hard to impact, we surely can do more about infection-related issues," Dr. Arif Nazir, Signature Healthcare's chief medical officer said in the release. "For example, flu outbreaks can be minimized by assuring aggressive utilization of the flu vaccine both by our residents and staff."