Give for a Purpose; Watch Your Donation in Action

December 12, 2018

“When individuals donate to the Foundation, they are a giving to a purpose, a project they believe in—such as the Futures Program; but they also understand the role these play for our profession and its future,” says Foundation Chair Barbara Resnick, PhD, CRNP. With one click, she observes, you can support your purpose and watch your donation in action, making positive change possible.

For example, Dr. Resnick says, “Practitioners want to see Quality Measures [QMs] that are relevant to post-acute and long-term care [PALTC]. We all know that this is critical, as practitioners are being reimbursed according to quality outcomes that aren’t necessarily relevant for us.”

The Foundation is helping to fund a QM project aimed at the development of specific quality measures for PALTC. A technical expert panel (TEP) of people familiar with the PALTC setting have identified core measures and applied specifications to these measures. The Society and the Foundation are committed to leading the way in defining and providing for physicians, nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), and others reportable measures that will:

  • Give practitioners the basis to demonstrate their value
  • Generate fair and adequate reimbursement for their services

“People also are worried about workforce issues,” says Dr. Resnick. Who will care for the ever-increasing number of older adults coming into the PALTC space? How will we attract passionate professionals and equip them with the competencies, skills, and tools they need? These are the kinds of questions that trouble practitioners. However, she notes, “They feel more confident when they see 60-plus practitioners completing the Futures Program every year, with many of them pursuing PALTC careers, joining the Society, and even taking leadership roles in the organization.”

Your donation—whether it’s an ongoing gift or a yearly contribution—perpetuates the Futures Program and helps populate physician practices, facilities, universities, and research centers with individuals who are inspired and empowered by the Society and its members. The program was fully funded for 2018, Dr. Resnick notes, “thanks to your generosity.” With more funding, the Futures Program can grow and expand this reach—encouraging undergraduates and other students to see PALTC as a viable career option.

“We appreciate that our Society members and friends choose to include the Foundation in their charitable donations. We know that they make their decisions about where and how to make their contributions thoughtfully,” says Dr. Resnick.

However, every dollar counts when it comes to the Foundation. If not for the support of each individual donation, the Futures Program, Quality Improvement Awards, QM project, and other initiatives might still be just hopeful plans.

“I’ve been in this field for over 40 years. I believe in it and love it, and the Foundation is an important way for me to give back. This is the only organization out there that works to support the PALTC workforce and the care we provide. This has been my life’s work,” says Dr. Resnick. “I’m happy to give to the Foundation because I can see in real time what I am accomplishing with my donation.”

The Foundation has “come a long way,” evolving to meet the changes in PALTC and practitioners’ needs and interests, says Dr. Resnick. However, she explains that one thing has remained constant over the years: “We have consistently raised funds that directly support the work that needs to be done. And we’ve done much of this through grassroots fundraising.”

Whatever purpose you feel most passionate about—workforce development, QM development, research, or education—click here to give today and watch your donations grow into solutions.