Steven Buslovich MD, MSHCPM
Co-Founder, CEO


As the PALTC market evolves from a fee-for-service model to a value-based care approach, an increased focus on reimbursement being tied to quality outcomes is going to drive new practice models that are not currently employed at scale. Patient Pattern's tools enable clinicians and medical directors to have access to clinical and administrative data insights to help assess, triage and manage clinical risk while embedding it into their workflow.


By bridging knowledge gaps and communication between SNF operators, clinicians and nursing staff, organizations will be able to create new patient management strategies to improve outcomes as medical complexity continues to increase. This approach has brought tremendous success for existing customers and demonstrated the incremental value that medical directors and provider groups can yield to the facilities and patients they serve.



LivePAC, calculates in real time the level of a patient’s frailty and informs the clinician what therapies might deliver the best outcomes. A 300-bed nursing home using LivePAC saw its 30-day hospital readmission rate drop from 24 percent to 11 percent in less than six months. “We are also working with hospitals to help them handle complex patient populations, which tend to be high users of resources,” Buslovich says. “We are able to make dramatic savings.” Our software helps you identify what you want to improve.

LivePAC shows you these measures in real-time, AND lets you quickly zero in on the patients affecting those outcomes.
Our geriatric experts provide Frailty Risk-based care recommendations and patient-friendly tools that effectively communicate the impact of Frailty, allowing clinicians to intervene in high-risk situations and engage in important family and patient conversations.