Jennifer Good / CEO


The tasks after a death burden surviving loved ones - there are more than 500 hours of tasks over 6+ months, thousands in legal fees and funeral costs, 33% of people have their identities stolen after a death, and 2/3 of widows say the financial and legal paperwork is one of the hardest aspects of widowhood. Despite significant research on the importance of these social determinants of health-related financial, legal, and logistical issues at end of life, there are implementation barriers to overcome.

Health care professionals may not feel comfortable or understand how to have conversations about the broader range of concerns at the end of life - such as not being a burden to family, financial concerns, spiritual concerns, and funeral arrangements. Our software can help overcome these barriers to addressing financial/logistical concerns at end of life. Barriers around scope and expertise can be solved through the recommendation of a software resource, as medical providers can legally recommend resources to help patients and their families navigate these issues. It enables the tailoring of recommendations to individual preferences and norms. It may also save healthcare professionals time while allowing them to reach patients and their families at scale.


Our software helps people complete the tasks after a death such as notifying social security, canceling utilities, closing social media, and transferring bank accounts. We will automate all of the tasks required after a death. Our vision is that the surviving loved one fills out one form, all forms are pre-populated and all organizations are notified, and for tasks that cannot be automated (e.g., planning a funeral), we will direct people to vendors in their area. We plan to integrate this system for automating tasks after a death with a streamlined way people to comprehensively plan in advance for themselves. We have already built a master checklist with all of the forms and instructions in one place and the ability to collaborate with family members and social workers.