Be the Change! Skills for Becoming a Change Agent in your Facility

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Daniel Bluestein, MD, MS, CMD Patricia L. Bach, PsyD, MS, RN

Nearly every AMDA attendee has returned from the annual conference with one or more exciting new ideas to improve care and quality at their facility(s). And most all of us have had the deflating experience of being unable to implement these changes. Such experiences raise the questions "How do I build the case for change, convince others, find allies, overcome resistance, and hang onto gains"? Accordingly, this session introduces skills needed to lead change, drawing on the 8-stage model of change pioneered by John Cotter of the Harvard Business School and other resources. The session begins with an overview view of the Change Process according to Cotter's model. The majority of the session, however, will be devoted to application of these concepts through various interactive learning strategies. There is also time dedicated for attendees to seek suggestions from faculty and the audience regarding change leadership challenges they are encountering. Due to the highly interactive nature of this presentation, attendance is limited.

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