Breaking Down Poor Cardiovascular Outcomes in the SNF: Understanding the Root Causes and Targets for Intervention

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Rebecca Boxer, MD; Mary Dolansky, PhD, RN; Nicole Orr, MD; Verna Sellers, MD, MPH, CMD

This session will review the complexities of caring for the growing population of cardiac patients in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs). The speakers will familiarize the participants with the current deficits in care provision to these patients from a clinical, systems, and facility factor perspective, and will provide the audience with an understanding of how to develop targets to improve care delivery. Proposed targets for performance improvement include appropriate recognition of the high risk patient, modification of clinical practice to the cardiology patient in the SNF setting, understanding the value of models in progress to improve systems of care, applying best practices to date for post- acute transfers and SNF preparedness, and understanding the policy changes pending implementation by Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that will emphasize improved performance.