End the Silence: Workshop on the Practical Approach to Reporting Elder Abuse

Session Year: 
Lidia Vognar, MD Gwendolen Buhr, MD, MEd, CMD Sylvester Sarfraz, MD

This session will use an interactive workshop format to teach the reporting process of suspected elder mistreatment and neglect in a variety of clinical settings including community, residential care facilities (eg. ALF), and long-term care (LTC). Education will also be provided on reporting and service agencies often utilized in elder abuse cases, elder abuse ICD codes, and comprehensive documentation of suspected elder abuse cases. Three clinical case scenarios featuring suspected cases of elder mistreatment and neglect in a variety of settings; community, residential care facility, and LTC will be used to stimulate discussion. Participants will acquire knowledge that will enable them to feel more comfortable with the subject matter, allowing for increased reporting of elder abuse and proper diagnostic coding and documentation of suspected cases.

1.5 Management