Heart Failure CPG, Heart Failure Implementation Manual & Heart Failure Pocket Guide

This package includes the Heart Failure Clinical Practice Guideline, Heart Failure Implementation Manual and the Heart Failure Pocket Guide.

Heart failure is one of the most common reasons for new or recurrent hospitalizations among persons over 65 years of age. Considerable progress has been made during the past decade in providing symptomatic relief for such patients. By implementing the processes and practices outlined in this guideline (with an easy to follow algorithm), and by keeping up with new recommendations for managing heart failure as they emerge, the interdisciplinary care team can improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure in the nursing facility.

The implementation manual delineates a systematic, well-planned implementation process for implementing the AMDA Clinical Practice Guideline (CPG) for Heart Failure. It is designed to assist physicians, nurses, and advanced practitioners to support evidence-based clinical and management decision-making. It is intended to accompany the Heart Failure CPG developed by AMDA in order to facilitate its implementation and sustained use in the health care setting.

The pocket guide provides a quick reference to the current AMDA Heart Failure (HF) Clinical Practice Guideline in a clear concise format. MIPS HF Process Measures are included along with Outcome measures. The ACC/AHA stages of HF and the New York Heart Association (NYHA) functional classification provide information about the presence and severity of HF. Evidence review recommendations are also included.



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