Improving Quality Outcomes for Pain: Quality Assurance and Performance Improvement (QAPI) and the Interdisciplinary Team (IDT)

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Sabine von Preyss-Friedman, MD, CMD Daniel Bluestein, MD, MS, CMD Irene Hamrick, MD, MB Ashkan Javaheri, MD, CMD

This session will give medical practitioners and the interdisciplinary team (IDT) the knowledge to understand and address the challenges of pain control in transitions from the acute care settings. Presenters will discuss how to optimize and consistently utilize pain assessments and give feedback to the medical provider and apply consistent evidence-based medical and alternative strategies to meet the patient's need for comfort and quality of life, as well as the ability to participate in rehabilitation and improve function. The participants will gain understanding of currently publicly published pain outcomes data and how to utilize the QAPI process to integrate consistent transitions processes, pain assessments, reporting mechanisms and evidence based treatments for pain in order to improve the system of pain management and pain outcomes in their facilities.

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