Influenza Immunization and the Health Care Worker (DVD)

Vaccination of health care workers against influenza has been shown to protect patients by potentially reducing illness and by decreasing mortality by as much as 40%, independent of patient vaccination status. Unfortunately, health care worker influenza immunization rates remain inexcusably low at 37% to 42%, and those rates have changed little over the past decade. Experts show that the main reason surrounding this low rate is the myths and misconceptions around influenza vaccination, not making employee vaccination a priority and not having a good educational program in place to dispel myths about influenza vaccination. AMDA has come up with your solution in one powerful 18 minute DVD. Let Dr. Gregory Poland, the nation’s immunization expert break down those myths and barriers in lay terms for your staff. Then they will hear from a wide variety of health care workers speak to them unscripted, peer-to-peer, about why they get immunized and why they want their peers to get immunized. A very moving and heartfelt DVD that will raise your employee immunization rates! A great tool for a staff-in-service.




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