Know-it-All™ in the PALTC & Assisted Living Settings Series



AMDA’s Know-It-AllTM system is designed to maximize quality care and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations. Users of the system also state that it enhances teamwork and mutual respect, and the resident ultimately benefits. In short everyone on the team has to be educated, involved, and working together to reduce avoidable transitions. These tools help achieve these goals and enable practitioners and nursing staff to communicate in a way that ensures a seamless continuum of care. After all, the best transition is the one that never happens. The series comes with the following products:




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incl. free electronic copy

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Click here to sample the Know-it-All™ Before You Call Data Collection System in the PALTC and Assisted Living Settings

Click here to sample the Know-It-All™ When You’re Called Diagnosing System

*The Electronic Copy is in FlipHTML5 format, and is viewable from your PC, tablet and smartphone through your AMDA account.  The Electronic Copy is not downloadable or printable.