Parkinson's Disease CPG + Parkinson's Disease & Psychosis Pocket Guide

This package includes the Parkinson’s Disease Clinical Practice Guideline, and the Parkinson’s Disease & Psychosis in PALTC Pocket Guide.

Parkinson’s disease (PD) is a progressive, neurodegenerative movement disorder. While there is no known treatment, the symptoms can be controlled with medication, exercise, therapy, and occasionally brain surgery.

Understanding all the manifestations of the disease; the importance of basic, competent primary nursing and medical care; the roles of various disciplines, therapies, and specialties; and the concept of realistic goal setting for the individual patient are essential to effective treatment of PD. Effective treatment should be multifaceted, taking into consideration the patient’s physical, spiritual, social, and emotional needs and concerns, as well as those of the family.

Potential benefits associated with the implementation of this guideline include:

  • Better management of PD, allowing patients to maintain their highest practicable physical, mental, and psychosocial function;
  • Greater individualization of care;
  • Better documentation of, and rationale for, patients' personal goals and decision-making processes regarding their disease and its treatment;
  • More appropriate pharmacologic therapy for PD;
  • More appropriate practitioner participation in the care of the patient with PD;
  • Improved patient and family satisfaction with care;
  • More appropriate resource utilization;
  • Improved treatment and monitoring protocols;
  • Improved staff education and awareness of this complex progressive disease; and
  • More appropriate and timely referral to palliative care and hospice.

The pocket guide provides:

  • An extensive glossary to clarify terminology related to Parkinson’s Disease (PD)
  • Sections on recognition, assessment, treatment, and monitoring of PD
  • A special section on PD Dementia and Psychosis.
  • A “LTC Interval History” checklist to help frontline staff quickly note disease-related changes that patients are experiencing and help them easily communicate these changes to medical practitioners during visits.
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