Quality Initiatives in the Care of Wounds

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Scott M. Bolhack, MD, MBA, CMD

Quality for the care of wounds requires the intersection of knowledge, consistency (limiting variability), leadership (process development), and data interpretation (documentation). The lecturer will discuss the development of quality programming for the care of wounds that can be utilized in multiple settings. Sensible use of evidence-based practices will be suggested; methods to decrease the variability of care (equipment, dressings, and clinicians); processes for a systems-based approach to wound care will be emphasized; understanding the importance of accurate documentation; and reviewing data interpretation and informatics for quality initiatives will be reviewed. The differences in the perspective of quality between the clinician and the patient (or family) will be teased apart. The clinical subject reviewed for this discussion will be for pressure injuries to the skin. Sample forms will be available electronically for the audience to utilize in their own facilities.

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