Save the Date for CMS Training on Phase 1 Implementation of New Nursing Home Regulations

October 28, 2016
Policy Snapshot

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a Survey & Certification memo noting the need to develop and provide training to LTC surveyors and providers, related to the new regulations. The training will contain information regarding Phase 1 of the New Nursing Home Regulations that will be effective starting November 28, 2016. This information will address the new language included in the New Nursing Home Regulations, and how Phase 1 will be implemented via the State Operations Manual, F-Tags, and survey process.

CMS expects the online training will take no more than 3 hours, and will prepare the surveyors to implement Phase 1 requirements. Around this same time, CMS will be releasing a revised version of Appendix PP which retains existing tags and guidance, but incorporates the newly effective regulatory language. CMS will be releasing a job aid that identifies the F Tags that have new regulatory language added. The training will also address how the survey process will be used to address the regulatory requirements.

The online training will include information about Phase 1 of new Nursing Home Regulations, and will be available to all parties starting November 18, 2016. All Long Term Care (LTC) surveyors are required to complete this training in order to be able to conduct any LTC surveys after November 28, 2016.