Colleen Muncy / Managing Director


With a focus on CMS Star ratings for the SNF market, we aim to cut the noise and focus on what’s important, providing action-biased dashboards that help organizations address issues in real time. We have created simple, affordable, and automated tools that improve quality and efficiency for health care organizations. By getting to actionable information quickly, we enable both clinical and financial staff to stop digging for data, and start spending their time and energy where it matters most – caring for patients.


Our products are either subscription-based or free, and we use simple and intuitive designs to reduce time spend on training and implementation. We currently offer four products:

StarNow – Aimed at Operators/Administrators – Our flagship product integrates with EHRs and payroll software to show facilities their CMS Five Star Ratings in real time.
We identify and prioritize problem areas so that they can be addressed proactively, before they have a chance to impact the star ratings.

PDPM Forecaster - Aimed at Operators/Administrators – Just in time for the implementation of PDPM on Oct. 1, our simple, survey-based tool guides admission screeners and liaisons through a step-by-step set of questions aimed at maximizing reimbursement and collecting all the key information required for the first MDS Assessment.

StarAnalyzer – Aimed at Key Stakeholders who do business with Health Care Facilities (Physicians, Hospitals, Consultants, Lenders, Insurers, Investors, Vendors) – We take the publicly available CMS Five Star Rating data and present it in a simple, concise manner, with historical trend data and key insights into each facility. Our advanced search tool allows facilities to be filtered by several criteria and enables comparisons within local markets.

StarCompare – Aimed at Consumers, Care Givers, Social Workers, Geriatric Care Managers, Hospital Discharge Planners – Using the same CMS Data, we’ve created a simple and educational search tool to help consumers research facilities in their area. We believe in empowering the consumer to learn more about care options, so this tool is available for free.