From Resident to Board Member

“This is what I want to do with the rest of my life. And the rest is history. I love what I do.”
Milta Little, DO, CMD

When Milta Little, DO, CMD, was in medical school she had the opportunity to go into nursing homes and had an experience she thoroughly enjoyed. That continued into residency when she did an elective rotation in geriatrics with a physician who primarily worked in long-term care. “When I was done with that month I came back to my program director and said, “This is what I want to do with the rest of my life. And the rest is history. I love what I do.”

Dr. Little was introduced to the Society when she read a JAMDA article about the “SNFist” written by Society Past President Paul Katz, MD, CMD. Dr. Katz ended up introducing Dr. Little to the Foundation Futures program, an initiative that sends residents and fellows to the Society's Annual Conference, provides them with membership and mentors, and gives them information on and opportunities in careers in the post-acute and long-term care field.

“The next year I went to the Annual Conference. I loved the Futures program, and then I slowly became more and more involved with the organization.”

Now working at St. Louis University, Dr. Little joined the Society’s Communication Committee, became the Chair, and was eventually nominated to the Society Board of Directors. “Being an Society member has helped my career,” says Dr. Little.  Academic physicians have to do a lot in order to gain regional and national recognition in order for promotions. “I have actually had the opportunity to put my promotion dossier up early because I not only have gained regional recognition through involvement in my state chapter, but also being on the committees and on the Board of the Society, I’ve really gotten to network with other people, expand my career and horizons that way, and been able to participate in presentations, and other things on the national level which has been very instrumental in my career development.” 

Dr. Little encourages those new to PALTC, and students and residents to look into the Futures program and anyone interested to dedicate their time to the Society. “I dedicate time to the Society because it’s very rewarding; personally and for people around me. I see immediate impact of the work that I do through the Society and that’s very important to me.”

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