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Join Our New Practice Group Network
The Society has established a special network to deal with the challenges group practices face as they navigate PA/LTC.
Announcing New Clinical Tools!
Advance Care Planning Series, Pocket Guides and Teaching Slides!
New AMDA On-The-Go Podcast: Home Based Primary Care

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January 08, 2018

Save $200 on Core Curriculum Online Winter session by registering as an Early Bird.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

The Society’s CPGs have become the standard care process in the long-term care setting.  They can reduce costs, avoidable transfers, and risk of survey penalty and litigation. The Society’s CPGs can improve patient outcomes and safety of staff, facility, and patients.  Learn More



The Society's Educational

Evidence-based education in the PA/LTC setting. Programs are designed to provide best practices implementation and improved quality within work settings while offering continuing education credits and networking opportunities.

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