Working in PALTC


Are you looking for a career:

  • In which you can practice complex medicine?
  • During which you can get to know your patients? 
  • With professional flexibility?
  • With financial stability? 

How can I get involved now? 

Free Student Membership with AMDA - The Society for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine

Open to those participating in a residency, post-graduate, or undergraduate medical, nursing, or other health care program. Grants participants access to electronic versions of:

  • JAMDA, our scientific, peer-reviewed journal
  • Caring for the Ages, a monthly magazine on all things post-acute and long-term care
  • Free archived & live webinars providing CME
  • and much more

Sign up now here.

Become a Futures Foundation Participant 

Run by the Foundation for Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, the Futures program is open to residents, fellows, and advanced practitioners who are interested in a career in PALTC. Participants receive:

  • 3-day registration to the Society's Annual Conference
  • Admission to the Foundation Futures Program in conjunction with the Society Annual Conference
  • One year of membership

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For information on training programs: