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May 14, 2024

Charles Crecelius, MD, PhD, FACP, CMD, has a rare combination of traits that make him a great educator. He is knowledgeable but continues to learn and stay on top of issues; he brings practical, real-world experience to his teachings; and he has a natural sense of humor that makes even dry topics interesting and fun. It’s no wonder he is the 2024 recipient of the James Pattee Award for Excellence in Education.

Although he only met Dr. Pattee briefly, Dr. Crecelius embodies the spirit of the Pattee Award, which recognizes significant contributions to enhance AMDA’s educational structure and framework, advance education specific to PALTC practice, and promote AMDA leadership via educational endeavors within the long-term care continuum. Dr. Pattee was a prolific educator, AMDA leader, and father of the Certified Medical Direction program and the Core Curriculum in Medical Direction.

Dr. Crecelius admits that he didn’t start out to be a teacher. “It really began as an effort to self-educate. I wanted to learn about various topics, so I studied and eventually started giving lectures and speaking at programs,” he says. A much in-demand speaker and presenter on billing/coding and various other topics, Dr. Crecelius is also an associate professor of geriatrics at Washington University School of Medicine. He says, “I enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve gained over the years. I also like the feedback and nuanced questions I get.” He learns much from these interactions, and he relishes the opportunity to keep learning and staying on top of cutting-edge information, innovations, and research.

Dr. Crecelius recently retired as medical director of Post-Acute Services, BJC Medical Group.  He continues to work part-time as medical director of Delmar Gardens nursing homes, in addition to his teaching role. He is a past president of AMDA and the Missouri Association of Long-Term Care Practitioners.  He frequently speaks on legislative, regulatory, and other issues at the Society’s annual conference and other national and regional meetings. He continues to be active with AMDA in public policy and payment issues.

No stranger to AMDA awards, Dr. Crecelius has previously received the William Dodd Founders Award for Distinguished Service and was 2019 Medical Director of the Year. Nonetheless, this latest recognition is especially meaningful. He says, “It’s a real honor. So many people contribute to education, donating their time and expertise to speak at meetings and webinars. It means a lot to receive this award named after Dr. Pattee.”

Dr. Crecelius adds, “I didn’t think I would be a great educator by any means.” He urges others to consider opportunities even if they don’t consider themselves teachers. He offers, “Look for knowledge deficits among your peers and how you can fill them. Get information and share it with others. Think about collaborating with an experienced speaker to get started. Work with your state chapters and find articles to review for journal clubs. Identify topics you’re interested in and get intimately familiar with them.”

If he could go back in time, Dr. Crecelius says he would follow the same path, missteps and all. “I don’t regret anything,” he observes.

Watch this video of Dr. Crecelius discussing his award.