AMDA President Advice for Family Members in PALTC

AMDA President Naushira Pandya, MD, FACP, CMD, is a clinician, researcher, professor and has many years in post-acute and long-term care under her belt. Because of this, she’s the one not only patients and families turn to – but her friends and colleagues as well – when it comes to advice on ensuring quality care for loved ones in post-acute and long-term care.

“I’ve been in the situation where several of my friends and colleagues have asked me what they should do when they’re placing a family member in a nursing home, and I always tell them pretty much the same thing. You know, find out who your mother’s doctor is for example. Find out who the medical director is in that facility. And above all, get to know the nurses and the nursing assistants, the therapists, other professionals who’ll be involved in the care of your family member. I think that’s really the best way that one can ensure good care and also develop good working relationships in the facility.”